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Holistic Nature Care Center

Holistic Nature Care Center

ॐ सर्वे भवन्तु सुखिनः। सर्वे सन्तु निरामयाः।

Mission & Vision



OUR Vision

  • Holistic health(prevention,cure and Maintenance)
  • To Upgrade the standard of life
  • All-Round development of the society
  • Removal of un-employment,Poverty & Corruption
  • Change in life style
  • Cultural Evolution
  • multi dimensional growth of education system
  • Use of inner vision and cosmic energy
  • multidimensional grooming of children
  • using the maximum from the life force

 We want healthy wealthy and prosperity society

  • To awake the Inner power in Youth: Awakening Body, Mind, Soul, and Chakras & Cosmic Energy
  • To awake the Inner power in Women: - About Body, Food, Nurturing, Households and Love
  • To awake the Inner power In Children: - Health, Mind, Social, Ritual and Inner Consciousnes
  • Awakening of Human beings: - Awakening Body, Mind, Soul, and Chakras & Cosmic Energy
  • Awakening of Teachers by developing Body, Mind, Perception, Art
  • Awakening of Doctors by Body,Mind,Soul awakening & Health acquisition through diagnosing
  • Awakening of Leaders & Actors: Mind, body, soul awakening, Talking acquisition and Popularity
  • Awakening the Workers: Mind body soul awareness, Working capacity and Financial acquisition
  • Holistic Health Awareness: Balancing of Mind, Body, Tatwa, Thought and Awakening of Soul
  • Removal of Social devils: - Poverty, Unemployment, Addictions, and Selfishness & Nepotism